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Cheap fishing trips in Miami

Miami fishing charters can get expensive. So you want to go fishing in Miami but you don’t have a big budget. We are going to help you find the cheapest. If you’re on a very limited budget and can’t even afford a cheap fishing charter in Miami then you can always read our guide on fishing …

Best fishing charters for families

Finding the right fishing charters for your family is tricky. The first thing you need to know is how many people will be actually fishing. The next thing you need to find out is how many people will be going on the boat. If you have kids, the fishing charter you choose should accommodate your kid's ...

Where to fish in Miami without a boat?

Here are the top places to fish in Miami without a boat. Before going make sure you get your saltwater fishing license at If you don’t have the money to buy a fishing license and are strictly fishing from land including beaches, piers, and bridges you can get a free fishing license. After you read this guide …

The truth behind florida red tide

If your a fisherman in Miami then you probably heard of the red tide that is plaguing the beaches of Miami. What is the red tide and what causes it to grow in Florida? how long does red tide last is red tide harmful to humans If you’re wondering what the current red tide status in Florida   You’re also probably trying …

The marlin fishing guide

So you want to go after the big blue Marlin. The Blue Marlin is one of the most difficult fish to catch in Florida. We have compiled the best tips to land that trophy Marlin you’ve always dreamed of.

Miami Spearfishing guide

There’s nothing more exciting than chasing a fish with a speargun and nailing the target. We spoke to the top spearfishing charter captains in Miami and they gave us these tips for how to spearfish in Miami.

Pier fishing guide in Miami

So you probably already read our guide on where to fish in Miami without a boat and choose a great pier near your house to fish from. Or your boat is getting repaired and you just can’t control the urge to try out this new rod you purchased on Black Friday. Now what? We have developed this …

Fishing spots in miami

So you finally bought a boat and went out with your friend that says he knows how to fish but never seem to catch a thing. We have put together a guide on the most popular fishing spots to go to in Miami. If you go on a Miami Fishing Charter will not only help …


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